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New World's Rioting La Grima



NewWorld’s Rioting La Grima “Riot”


La Grima in Spanish means “Tear Drop” so that part of why she received the name Rioting La Grima. The name Riot just seemed to fit little Riot and her spunky like attitude. Confident and full of life she tears around the property. Always wants to hang out with the Big Dogs, especially our big boy Coba Del Bagual who loves Riot and the rest of the puppies. Riot is built like a rock and is as strong as an aux. We are excited to watch Riot grow into a beautiful full grown Dogo Argentino and if all goes right, she will be in our Breeding Program for years to come. Stay tuned as we will be updating Riots page frequently. Watch her grow, watch her show, and watch her go the distance.