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NewWorld's EL TIO Grande

NewWorld’s El Tio Grande. a.k.a  “Tio”

Tio is one of our Very Special male breeding prospects and we are thrilled to have him as our own. With Tio being the largest of all the pups, naturally the other pups gathered around him after playing or it’s time for bed. Wherever Tio goes, others tend to follow:)  Tio is known for “Doing his thing” as we like to call it, which is to sit back and watch the action. Very observant, he watches the playing puppies as if he’s keeping an eye on them and making sure everyone is behaving. (This is where he got his name Tio) But laying around watching others play isn’t the only thing Tio does with his spare time. When he decides to become part of the fun he joins in with full force, and quickly  becomes part of the hillarious chaos along with the rest of the pups. Then every now and again, back to “doing his thing”.

Stay Tuned To Tio as he grows!  I’m sure you will be as impressed with him as we have already become accustom to.

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