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The Dogo is an incredible breed of dog.  They have proven to be heroes, loyal, fantastic and extremely tough hunters, to be as gentle as a mouse and yet ferocious as a lion. In our opinion, they are the #1dog to have as a pet and friend. They ARE incredible.

We here at New World Dogos would like to thank you for visiting our website. We are long time Dogo owners and enthusiast and are excited to break into the breeding side of this magnificent breed.  We take breeding very seriously and make frequent trips to Europe to hand pick our dogs.  Our goal is to breed only the highest quality dogos, as close to confirmation as possible, along with great temperament, stability, and over-all health. We strive for the best and consider only that when pairing/breeding. It is why we work closely with Top Quality Breeders like Alicia De Atano and her husband Anibal with (Del Bagual Dogos).  With some of the most sought after bloodlines available they have proven to maintain a very HIGH QUALITY Dogo Argentino with an extremely high confidence, incredible build, great temperament, health, and with some of the highest achievements in the ring. Not only are Alicia and Anibal great Dogo breeders, they are fantastic people. We are fortunate to call them our friends.

With influence from Alicia, Anibal, and others like Eduardo Lavado; we believe we have a firm foundation to begin not just a great breeding program, but a program that will help represent and shed light on the dog that deserves to be announced to the world.

And this my friends, is why we do what we do.